Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 6 OS

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Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 6 OS

Redmond (WA) – Amid Microsoft’s avalanche of new product and service launches on January 30, the platform that took a back seat was the software company’s mobile operating system.  The new Windows Mobile OS will get its own debut later this year, and today some light was shed on what the new version will offer.

Microsoft unveiled Windows Mobile 6 today, and headlining the new feature list are enhanced Internet functionality, more sophisticated viewing and editing of Microsoft Office files, and a visual update that makes it look similar to Windows Vista.

Unlike previous versions, the new OS will allow users to read through HTML-based e-mails in their original format.  Previously, hyperlinks and other complex HTML coding could not be properly displayed on the mobile OS, which is used in high-end smartphones and all Pocket PC PDAs.

The new mobile versions of Office applications also will be able to display files created on a PC without any compromise.  This includes tables, embedded images, and charts that are not easily manageable in the current version of Windows Mobile.

Microsoft also said that the new version will have increased security features and the inclusion of a mobile version of Windows Live, an interactive multi-person IM application.

Windows Mobile 6 is currently slated for release in the second quarter of 2007.