Blu-ray beating HD-DVD in sales 2 to 1

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Blu-ray beating HD-DVD in sales 2 to 1

Culver City (CA) – According to figures released by Nielsen VideoScan, recent Blu-Ray sales are trouncing HD-DVD by a 2 to 1 margin.

The figures add up sales from retail registers, along with some websites, and cover the second week of January 2007. According to Nielsen, Blu-Ray has also closed the gap in total sales since inception from 14% to 7%. If the trend continues, Blu-Ray should overtake HD-DVD in less than a month.

The most popular Blu-Ray disc during the reporting perod was Crank with Black Hawk Down as a distant second. Batman Returns was the most bought HD-DVD disc with Mission Impossible III following behind.

One easy explanation for Blu-Ray’s rise is the included player inside of all Sony PlayStation 3 consoles. Millions of consoles have been sold and most include a voucher for money back on a Blu-Ray disc purchase.