Apple fixes iPod Shuffle glitch, again

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Apple fixes iPod Shuffle glitch, again

Cupertino (CA) – Apple has recently updated a utility for the original iPod Shuffle that fixes the incompatibility between the player and the new version of iTunes. However, the company remains quiet about the entire issue, after experiencing a similar problem just two months ago with iTunes 6.

Owners of the first-generation iPod Shuffle may have had difficulty transferring their music from iTunes in October and November, after new release songs somehow became incompatible with the Shuffle. Users also complained of problems with computers not recognizing the device as a legitimite USB product. That’s why Apple released the “iPod Shuffle Reset Utility” for the portable player, which was meant to fix any connection problems.

However, with the update to iTunes 7.0, the problem appears to have resurfaced. Apple has now released a second version of the utility, which it urges Shuffle owners to download. An updated version of the music store software, iTunes 7.0.2, is also recommended to fix the glitch.

Problems arose a couple months ago, after Shuffle users reported not being able to play back newly released songs when transferred directly from iTunes to the iPod Shuffle. The first generation version of the device has since become obsolete, with the introduction of the much slimmer model that debuted in November.

The updated version of the utility is available to download from Apple’s website.