Madden NFL 07 best selling game of 2006, says EA

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Madden NFL 07 best selling game of 2006, says EA

Redwood City (CA) – Electronic Arts (EA) claims that Madden NFL 07 will top the charts of the best selling video games of 2006. According to the game publisher, the EA Sports title has sold more than five million times on a total of ten game platforms.

Madden NFL 07 launched in August and hit sales of more than two million units within one week. The game got a major boost with the availability of the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii in November and, according to EA, maintains a position among the best selling video games for all currently video consoles.

Already in its 17th year, Madden NFL is supported by huge marketing events that support the video game. On February 1, EA will host the 12th annual EA Sports Madden Bowl, in which NFL players will be playing for the title of Madden Bowl champion in Miami, Florida. The game publisher also organizes the Madden Challenge as tournament, which will award a $100,000 check to the best NFL 07 player on February 8 in Hawaii. And, of course, there is Madden Nation, a reality show produced by EA and ESPN centered around Madden NFL 07.

EA said that the Madden NFL game series has raked a total of more than $2 billion in retail sales, EA said.