HOT! Second batch of Playstation 3 consoles arrives in U.S. retail

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HOT! Second batch of Playstation 3 consoles arrives in U.S. retail

Chicago (IL) – Sony apparently was able to ship another “sizeable” number of Playstation 3 consoles just a few days before Christmas. While it is unclear just how many PS3 made it to our shores – and which stores got hold of the consoles, we were able to confirm that at least three chains were or will be selling the devices.

The first “new” PS3s we became aware of popped up in a Meijer store in the Chicago suburbs, which announced availability of a total of five PS3 over its speaker system to shopping customers. A nearby Walmart made ten PS3s available and three Best Buy stores in the Chicago area confirmed to TG Daily that they will be making PS3s available either later on Wednesday or early on Thursday. Each of the stores we contacted expects to have at least 25 consoles available.

Sony was unavailable for comment on this somewhat PS3 shipment, but industry sources told TG Daily that at least 100,000 units may have arrived within the past days.

Sony declined to comment on a specific number on how many Playstation units were shipped to the U.S. in recent days. A spokesperson told us that the consoles “are made and shipped” as quickly possible and are arriving on an ongoing basis on these shores.