EA announces Medal of Honor Vanguard

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EA announces Medal of Honor Vanguard

Redwood City (CA) – Pitching out another installment to the extensive Medal of Honor collection, Electronic Arts today announced Medal of Honor Vanguard. The latest addition to the World War II simulation franchise is heading to the PS2 and Wii in March 2007.

The series has made appearances on nine different platforms, including the PC and Mac, and has become one of the most popular in the huge list of WWII themed video games. Presented in a first-person shooter (FPS) style, Medal of Honor Vanguard puts players in the shoes of a corporal of the 82nd Airborne Division in the unkind world of WWII.

The choice of platforms is interesting, as it covers one console from the previous generation, the PS2, and the Wii, which launched just one month ago. This marks the first in the franchise for Nintendo’s new system, and EA says the game will take “full advantage of Wii’s one-of-a-kind controllers.”

“Medal of Honor Vanguard features a strong storyline told in classic MOH fashion. We are really excited to offer this game both on the PS2 and Wii, which will allow fans to experience MOH in a completely new way, says Matt Sentell, senior produce at EA’s Los Angeles studio, where the game is being produced.