Intel’s first movie to go online on Dec 15

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Intel's first movie to go online on Dec 15

Santa Monica (CA) – More than 17 months after announcing a digital media joint venture with Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Intel is close to be releasing its first film. ExtendMedia, a company that provides a digital content service infrastructure announced that ClickStar has finalized a “broadband content management platform” through which it will launch its first movie later this week.

ClickStar’s first movie, which premiered in theaters on December first and will be available through computers on December 15, is “10 items or less.” According to ExtendMedia, ClickStar employs the firm’s OpenCase software order to accelerate time to market and trim estimated launch costs. However, at this time ClickStar has still to meet its promise that it will launch a movie offline and online at the same time.

ClickStar was founded by Morgan Freeman and lists Intel as well as Revelations, Freeman’s production firm, as investors. Interim chief executive officer is James Ackermann, founder of Spinnaker Media; co-founder and chairman of the board is Lori McCreary, who partnered with Freeman to found Revelations in 1996.