Tivo DRM cracked

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Tivo DRM cracked

Programmers have released a new program that can break Tivo’s file protection and convert stored video clips into regular MPEG-2 files. The program called “tivodecode” is on and can be recompiled to different processors and architectures. After conversion, the MPEG-2 clips can be reconverted or moved to other computers.

The program strips off the DRM protection that is encoded to the .TIVO clips and then saves the clips in MPEG-2 format. Users still need to give their Tivo Media Access Key (MAK) number to do the conversion.

After conversion, the videos can be edited, recompressed or converted, just like any normal MPEG-2 file. The videos can also be transferred to Mac or Linux machines.

The .tivo clips had previously only been viewable on Tivo boxes and certain Windows machines using Tivo’s own TivotoGo and DirectShowDump programs.