2KGames offers full Railroad Tycoon game for free

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2KGames offers full Railroad Tycoon game for free

Want to make millions in the railroad business? Well you can do it virtually with a free download of the original Railroad Tycoon game. 2KGames is offering the old Microprose classic as a promotion for its newer Sid Meier Railroads! game.

Railroad Tycoon lets the player build and manage a railroad empire with a starting pool of one million dollars. Players build stations, connect railroad networks and can even issue bonds to grow the empire.

Back in October 2006, 2K Games released Sid Meier’s Railroads!, a game with vastly improved graphics and better gameplay. The company hopes the free download on the company webpage will entice people to buy the new game.

Nostalgic gamers may remember Microprose as the company that developed favorites for older machines like F-15 Strike Eagle, Pirates and X-Com.

The original Railroad Tycoon is available at this link and is a 14.2 MB download.