Philips ships millionth Ambilight TV

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Philips ships millionth Ambilight TV

Atlanta (GA) – Philips today announced that it has sent its one millionth Ambilight TV off the production line. Compared to regular LCD TVs, Ambilight devices emit ambient light out of the sides of the TV frame.

See Philips’ Ambilight plasma TVs in action …

In harmony with the 10th anniversary of its first flat-panel TV, the one million milestone for Ambilight TVs shows that there is consumer demand for a TV that sets itself apart from the rest of the market, said Philips. Rudy Provoost, the company’s CEO, remarked, “This demonstrates that Ambilight has clearly become a hit with consumers – it not only enhances the overall viewing experience but it also makes watching TV easier on the eyes.”

In Q3 2006, Philips was #3 in LCD TV sales, in terms of units sold. The Ambilight technology is available in both LCD and plasma sets, at a price premium over its other models. The suggested retail price for a 42″ Ambilight LCD HDTV is about $3500. A comparable Philips TV without Ambilight runs for $2,700. Some on;line stores are offering Ambilight TVs from about $1500.

This year, Philips introduced more than 30 new flat-panel TVs, offering sizes from 15″ to 63″. According to Philips, more than 90% of these models had a built-in HD tuner or were capable of displaying HD content.