New Skype phone doesn’t need a computer

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New Skype phone doesn't need a computer

Denmark-based RTX Products will be releasing a dual-mode Skype phone that doesn’t require a computer. The cordless Dualphone 3088 can plug into either a broadband Ethernet connection or a landline. RTX Products claims the phone has enough battery power to last 10 hours of talking or 140 hours on standby.

Some Skype phones channel their communications through a host computer, but we are increasingly seeing phones that connect directly through cable or wireless. Back in September at the CTIA show in Los Angeles, Netgear demoed one of their new Skype phones that connects through 802.11g wireless.

The phone will be available in December through European retailers and also through the Skype store for about $210. There is no word on whether the phone will be offered in the United States.

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