Black Friday shopping list

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Black Friday shopping list

Chicago (IL) – The biggest shopping day of the year is just around the corner: Black Friday, however, has become more about tradition and excitement than it is about spectacular deals. Still, a handful of attractive prices ends up in stores across the country, and for some, it’s worth waiting in line for several hours.

Black Friday ads have not been unveiled officially, but most ads have been circulating round the Internet for some time and CompUSA even announced some of its deals in a press release today. Sites like GottaDeal and, however, have been collecting products and prices for weeks and let consumers more amply prepare for the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

We have looked through the lists compiled a list of some of the always-hot tech products – computers, PC packages, monitors, flash drives, and hard drives – to give you a sneak peek at what is expected to be advertised in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Please remember that we cannot guarantee that the products in our list in fact will be offered and we cannot guarantee that the prices in our list are accurate. Also, we do not claim that the list is complete.

Desktop and notebook systems


Circuit CityDesktop BundleCompaqCeleron M 420$299.99
Circuit CityDesktop PCHPAthlon 64 3800+$499.97
Circuit CityNotebook PCAcerTurion 64 TL-50$599.99
Circuit CityNotebook PCHPCore DuoT2250$849.99
Best BuyNotebook PCHPN/A$379.99
Best BuyNotebook PCCompaqAthlon 64 3700+$399.97
Best BuyNotebook PCGatewayTurion 64 X2$699.99
Best BuyNotebook PCHPTurion 64 X2$899.99
CompUSADesktop PCEmachinesAthlon 64 3500+$299.97
CompUSANotebook PCCompaqSempron 3300+$399.00
CompUSANotebook BundleHPCore DuoT2250$549.99
CompUSANotebook PCHPTurion X2 TL-50$549.99
CompUSADesktop BundleHPAthlon 64 X2 4200+$619.99
CompUSADesktop PCHPPentium D 925$699.98
CompUSANotebook PCAcerTurion X2 TL-50$499.99
CompUSANotebook PCCompaqCore Duo T2250$849.99
CompUSADesktop BundleHPCore 2 Duo E6300$859.98
CompUSADesktop BundleHPPentium D 945$999.98
CompUSANotebook PCHPTurion X2 TL-56$999.99
CompUSANotebook PCHPCore 2 Duo T5600$1549.99
CompUSANotebook PCToshibaCore 2 Duo T7200$1899.99
CompUSANotebook MacApple2 GHz Core Duo$1999.99
CompUSANotebook MacApple2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo$1999.99
CompUSANotebook PCSonyCore 2 Duo T7200$2249.99
StaplesNotebook PCCompaqAMD Turion 64 ML-28$19.98
StaplesDesktop BundleHPAMD Athlon X2 4200+$699.98
StaplesNotebook PCToshibaCore Duo T2050$699.98
StaplesNotebook PCHPCore Duo T2250$849.98
StaplesNotebook PCHPAMD X2 TL-56$1149.98
Office MaxDesktop BundleHPN/A$799.99
Office MaxNotebook PCAveratecAMD Turion 64 X2$599.99

Flash drives


Circuit CityFlash DriveSandisk2 GB$12.99
Circuit CityFlash DriveSeagate120 GB$59.99
Best BuyFlash DrivePNY1 GB$14.99
Best BuyFlash DriveSandisk2 GB$29.99
CompUSAFlash DriveN/A1 GB$14.99
CompUSAFlash DrivePNY2 GB$24.99
Radio ShackFlash DriveN/A1 GB$36.99
StaplesFlash DriveSandisk1 GB$7.98
StaplesFlash DrivePNY1 GB (3-pack)$29.98
StaplesFlash DrivePNY2 GB$29.98
Office MaxFlash DriveSandisk4 GB$69.99

Hard drives and LCD monitors

Hard drives


Circuit CityHard DriveI/O Magic250 GB Ext$39.99
Best BuyHard DriveSeagate250 GB Int$59.99
Best BuyHard DriveWestern Digital250 GB Ext$69.99
CompUSAHard DriveSeagate160 GB Int$19.99
CompUSAHard DriveNo Name250 GB Ext$49.99
CompUSANb. Hard DriveSeagate60 GB$49.99
CompUSAHard DriveWestern Digital250 GB Int$69.99
CompUSAHard DriveMaxtor500 GB Ext$199.99
Radio ShackHard DriveMaxtor160 GB Ext$69.99
StaplesHard DriveMaxtor200 GB Int$19.98
StaplesHard DriveMaxtor60 GB Int$39.98
StaplesHard DriveWestern Digital400 GB Ext$99.98
Office MaxHard DriveSimpletech500 GB Ext$169.99
Office MaxHard DriveSimpletech120 GB Ext$99.99
Office MaxHard DriveMaxtor300 GB Ext$99.99

LCD monitors


Circuit CityLCD MonitorProview19″ Widescreen$129.99
Circuit CityLCD MonitorAcer20″$199.99
Circuit CityLCD MonitorSamsung22″ Widescreen$279.99
Best BuyLCD MonitorMAD17″$79.99
Best BuyLCD MonitorWestinghouse22″ Widescreen$199.99
CompUSALCD MonitorEnvision15″$89.99
CompUSALCD MonitorEnvision17″$129.99
CompUSALCD MonitorAcer19″ Widescreen$199.99
CompUSALCD MonitorSamsung22″ Widescreen$299.99
TargetLCD MonitorWestinghouse19″ Widescreen$149.00
StaplesLCD MonitorSamsung19″ Widescreen$129.99
StaplesLCD MonitorSamsung19″ Widescreen$299.98