Stealth Acoustics’ nearly invisible speakers clean up the home

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Stealth Acoustics' nearly invisible speakers clean up the home

Long Beach (CA) – Speakers are usually big and ugly boxes, but Stealth Acoustics wants to change that with their invisible in-the-wall speakers. All the components are housed inside the dry wall and the speakers make sound by vibrating the wall and surrounding wood studs.

We first saw the speakers, well actually the wall covering the speakers, at the Electronic House Expo in Long Beach. Trying to take a picture of a blank wall really isn’t exciting so Steve Olszewski, Stealth Acoustics’ VP of Sales and Marketing, showed us a cut-out of the speaker components. “Sometimes it’s hard for people to take pictures. Really, how do you market invisibility?” said Olszewski.

Normal speakers are thick because of the cone-shaped front element, but these speakers are small because they have a flat front cone and use the wall as a speaker box. The company also sells an “invisible” sub-woofer that fits inside a wall.

The speakers are easily installed and are designed to be contractor friendly. According to Olszewski, the components fit inside a pair of typical wood studs and the wall can then be painted or even texture coated. The contractors leave the wires hanging out the back or the bottom.

Stealth Acoustics’ speakers range from $750 to $1500 for a pair and the invisible subwoofer sells for around $520.