PS3 buyers turn to Craigslist to find line waiters

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PS3 buyers turn to Craigslist to find line waiters

Serious PlayStation 3 buyers are turning to Craigslist to find people to wait in line for them. One guy is paying $150 to three to four people who are willing to camp out with him and his friends. He can even provide transportation.

The poster said his group will purchase a few PlaySation3s. He will give people who stand in line the money to purchase the console and $150 will be paid after the console is purchased.

The first paragraph of the ad reads,

“WANTED!!! Hi I’m looking for about 3-4 people to camp out with me and some of my buddies to get a few PS3’s at a Best Buy or a Target Store, I will pay you 150 dollars CASH to wait in line with me and Purchase a few PS3’s I will give you the money to purchase the PS3 and your 150 after we get the PS3’s.”

Lines have already begun forming at some stores for the upcoming console. These dedicated, some say obsessed, gamers will wait eight days until the Thursday launch of the Sony PlayStation 3.

You can view the entire Craigslist ad here.