Convert Solaris code to Linux with Transitive’s new app

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Convert Solaris code to Linux with Transitive's new app

Transitive Corporation is trying to ease the pain of converting legacy Solaris applications to Linux with its new QuickTransit software application. QuickTransit converts Solaris/SPARC applications into Linux x86 binary code on the fly and promises to work at about 80% native speed.

Some corporations still have important software on Solaris boxes, but finding a software engineer capable of recoding the application for Linux could be expensive and time-consuming. Transitive says its software even allow the translated applications to still be debugged from Solaris.

“SPARC debugger can connect to the application under translation, so developers can debug a translated application the same way that they already do,” says Transitive.

Transitive says beta releases of QuickTransit have been tested at 50 customer sites which include defense and government organizations. QuickTransit will be available later this month for $875 per CPU socket. Buyers will be able to download and evaluate the software through Transitive’s web site.