Google to sell newspaper advertising

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Google to sell newspaper advertising

Mountain View (CA) – According to report published by the Associated Press, Google has plans to sell advertising space in 50 newspapers across the country, marking a new venture for the Internet search giant that goes outside of the online world.

Advertisers will reportedly be able to bid for space in The New York Times, Gannett, and The Washington Post, among other papers. Initially, the bidding will only be available to an existing group of more than 100 Google advertisers.

The program is planned to launch this week, when it kicks off a three month trial period during which Google will not take in any of the revenue generated. After the test phase, Google will take a cut of the money sent from the advertiser.

Google is already the defined leader in online advertising sales, and this move is an opportunity for the virtual company to expand to a completely offline market, one of the first moves of its kind for Google.