DVD playback comes back to Japanese Wii

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DVD playback comes back to Japanese Wii

According to GamesIndustry.biz, Nintendo is going to add DVD playback, a feature originally announced and then later cut out, to Wii units in Japan, as part of a special “enhanced” Wii model that will be released there some time next year.

At least for now, however, this feature will only be available in the Japanese market “There are currently plans to release a version of Wii in Japan featuring DVD playback, [but] there are currently no plans to bring this model to Europe or the US,” a Nintendo spokesperson reportedly said.

DVD playback was originally slated as a common feature for all Wii units worldwide, with a special add-on that would need to be purchased separately. However, a few months ago Nintendo took out that feature, possibly to cut down on production costs, and also possibly to better fit in with Nintendo’s image as the one consoles in the new generation that is focused almost exclusively on gaming.