Gold users to get first dibs on new Xbox Live content

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Gold users to get first dibs on new Xbox Live content

According to, the premier tier of Microsoft’s online service for the Xbox 360 will soon include another benefit – exclusive access to newly released content. Reportedly, Larry Hryb, director of programming for Microsoft, has announced plans to offer new downloads, including game demos and trailers, to Xbox Live Gold members first, before making them available to Silver subscribers.

The first trailer to make use of this new system is a new one for the anticipated first-party game Gears of War, slated for a nationwide release on 12 November. As Hryb reports in his blog, the trailer was first made available to Gold subscribers only.

“This is going to happen more and more, so you may want to think about upgrading if you want all the latest and greatest trailers, demos etc,” said Hryb. He also noted that content released to Gold members first would be made available to members of the free Silver tier about a week later.

Xbox Live Gold is a premium version of the Xbox Live service that carries a $50 annual fee, and adds special features to the user’s online account, including the ability to give player feedback, tap into a robust matchmaking system to find opponents at similar skill levels, and gain access to play original Xbox titles online.