Jack Thompson hit with contempt complaint

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Jack Thompson hit with contempt complaint

Florida Judge Ronald Friedman has hit anti-violent games activist Jack Thompson with contempt of court charges. The charges were filed in a complaint to the Florida Bar Association after Thompson wrote inflammatory letters questioning the judge’s decision in letting the Take 2 “Bully” game sell in Florida.

Thompson and Take 2 have legally dueled in the past few months over the release of the “Bully” game. In the game, players form alliances to fight against neighborhood bullies, something which Thompson calls violent and a “Columbine” simulator. Thompson had wanted the judge to stop sales of the game and declare it a public nuisance, but Friedman refused after watching footage of the game.

Judge Friedman detailed the complaint last week in a contempt of court hearing. Most of the hearing was videotaped by “Destructoid Neiro” and has been posted to YouTube. The hearing portion begins about four minutes into the video.

In the video, Friedman is explaining why he is filing the contempt complaint when Thompson suddenly raises a large posterboard at his desk. You can see it at the 9 minute 19 second mark on the video. The judge tells Thompson to put it down, but he raises the sign again and slams it down on the table several seconds later.

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