L International announces quad-core 24 hour laptop

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L International announces quad-core 24 hour laptop

Your dual-core notebook may soon be obsolete because one company is working on a quad-core laptop that could last 24 hours on a single charge. L International has announced that it is building a fuel-cell powered laptop that runs on either hydrogen or methanol. The laptops will also have a touch-sensitive OLED screen which can operate as a “virtual keyboard”.

More detailed specifications on the upcoming notebook were not released. L International has a colorful past and was formerly known as Go-L Computers and Liebermann Inc. The company claims to sell large, multi-panel displays along with high-powered desktop computers, but it’s unknown if anyone has actually received a working computer.

We hate to bring up old ghosts, but L International reminds us of another company that promised “out of this” world computers. Back in March of 2004, we investigated Michael’s Computers for some rather outrageous claims. The owner, Michael Gonzales, said that he sold his computers to the U.S. Navy and had the fastest computers on Earth.

L International didn’t say when these super laptops will ship, nor did they specify a price. Calls to the company were not answered.