New Motorola Rokr phone ditches Apple Itunes

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New Motorola Rokr phone ditches Apple Itunes

Chicago (IL) – Motorola’s first generation Rokr phone never met the expectations users had in an Itunes phone. So it is just consequential that the second generation does not only bring a new, more Razr-like design and drops Itunes in favor of another, competing media player.

Documents published in the FCC database reveal that the new Rokr will remain a phone that will be very much focused on handling multimedia, but it will be a significant departure from today’s model.

The phone will get a touchscreen that is substantially larger than the current Rokr screen and will house controls such as the dial pad. Physical control buttons include main call accept and hang-up, access of media files and a function to access the main menu – and a central track point that looks much more like an Ipod control than the rather complicated track point in the first Rokr.

Motorola’s second generation Rokr phone

The most significant news about the new Rokr is that either Motorola or Apple – or both – did not see much sense in using the Itunes media player anymore. The new Rokr will ditch Apple’s software in favor of Real Networks’ Real One media player. The manual and internal photos of the device posted on the FCC website do not shed light on how much standard memory the phone will include – especially if it will keep or extend the 512 MB chip in today’s Rokr. However, the documents mention that the phone can carry SD memory cards.

Other features of the phone include an upgraded digital camera which provides a 2-megapixel resolution (1200×1600) instead of the VGA (640×480) device integrate din the first generation. There is also a full personal information manager, video camera, voice recorder, FM radio and a photo editing software built into the phone. Bluetooth functionality allows the phone to act as a wireless modem.

Motorola declined to comment on the phone’s availability and price.