Network Streaming updates remote support appliance

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Network Streaming updates remote support appliance

Network Streaming recently introduced an updated version of its “Support Desk” remote support appliance. Version 9.1 now offers support for Apple’s Mac OS, session recording, improved authentication through integration of LDAP, as well as various customization possibilities, including session logos, corporate messaging and branding.

According to chief executive officer Joel Boomgaars, Support Desk addresses the needs of mobile workers as the device is able to seamlessly works with firewalls and the needs of IT staff with SSL encryption and a feature set that does not involve an Active Directory server and keeps support data in-house.

Pricing of the device remains the same at $2000 for the single-processor 200 model and $11,690 for the dual processor 300 version. Network Streaming charges $1700 for each support representative license (300 maximum for the 200 model, 3000 for the 300 version.) The company also charges a support fee of $400, which is mandatory for the first year and optional thereafter, which brings the minimum price of a Support Desk 9.1 device to about $4100.