Jack Thompson loses bid to block Bully game release

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Jack Thompson loses bid to block Bully game release

A US judge has rejected Jack Thompson’s bid to ban the “Bully” video game made by Take-Two. Judge Ronald Friedman has ruled that the game is not a public nuisance and will allow it to be sold in Florida.

Last week, the judge Friedman ordered Take-Two to demonstrate Bully to help him make a decision. After viewing the game, Friedman said the game shows less violence that what is seen on a typical night of television.

Bully is made by the same developers as famous Grand Theft Auto line of games and has players form alliances against bullies. The goal is not to become a bully, but rather to fight against them. Thompson took a different view and has called the game a “Columbine simulator”.

As expected, Thompson, who has crusaded against sex and violence in video games, is not happy with the ruling and chastised the judge for his decision. “You don’t even know what it was you saw,” said Thompson.