Dell to offer AMD-based entertainment PCs

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Dell to offer AMD-based entertainment PCs

Sunnyvale (CA) – AMD today said that Dell will be introducing entertainment PCs that are based on Live platform. Dell does not offer the Competing Intel Viiv platform in its PCs at this time, which could provide with a very unique positioning within the Dell lineup.

Entertainment PCs aren’t quite the success that was envisioned by many companies in the PC industry, at least not yet. But devices that interact with home entertainment center, whether they come in sleek set top box design or in the form factor of more traditional PCs are gaining traction as homes become more networked, more content is available and prices of these PCs are reaching deep into the levels of mainstream and entry-level systems.

Dell is one of the more quiet contenders in this field. While the company has been offering multimedia-capable Windows MCE-based computers under its Dimension and XPS brands for some time, there aren’t any fine-tuned entertainment center PCs based, for example, on Intel’s Viiv platform in the firm’s portfolio. This scenario, however, changes as Dell and its subsidiary Alienware will begin offering AMD Live PCs, according to an announcement made by AMD today.

Live has not made it to Dell’s website yet, but Alienware today announced the “”DHS high-definition”” media center, which integrates a dual-core Athlon 64 X2 CPU, a home theater amplifier from D2Audio Corporation, and Nvidia Nforce430/Geforce 6150 graphics. Alienware previously used Intel Pentium 4 600-series processors in its $1000 DHS 2 set-top box.

AMD also announced that it has expanded the Live suite with new applications, including voice and video communications over the Internet, games from Wild Tangent, and a web browser that is designed to appeal to children.