Hitachi becomes newest victim of Sony recall

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Hitachi becomes newest victim of Sony recall

Not wanting to feel left out, Hitachi announced today that 16,000 of their notebook computers are affected by the worldwide recall of Sony laptop batteries. This adds to the massive recall from multiple PC manufacturers that have faulty batteries made by Sony.

Hitachi spokesman Masayuki Takeuchi reportedly said that the number is so small that it will not have an impact on company earnings. Hitachi’s announcement makes them the least hit from the recall.

The list of impacted companies now includes Dell, Apple, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Hitachi. Hitachi’s affected PCs do not significantly add to the tally of computers with recalled batteries. As of 4 October, when Fujitsu announced the number of their PCs that were impacted, the total amount of recalled notebooks was over 7.5 million.

Hitachi simply adds another tally to the number of companies affected, and shows that the battery recall saga still isn’t over.