Vivendi Games acquires Secret Lair and Studio Ch’in

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Vivendi Games acquires Secret Lair and Studio Ch'in

Video game publisher Vivendi Games today announced that they have purchased two new development studios, Secret Lair Studios and Studio Ch’in. The acquisition adds to Vivendi’s portfolio of six development companies worldwide.

Vivendi’s Sierra Online studio said the key advantage to the new acquisitions is its ability to publish more titles to the Xbox Live Arcade, which is a digital game store from Xbox 360 consoles that are connected to the Internet, with a focus on retro and casual games. The company also plans to use the new studios to bring new content to its online PC gaming library.

Issaquah, Wash.-based Secret Lair Studios is a recently start-up that has been concentrating on Xbox Live Arcade. Studio Ch’in is located in Shanghai, China, and is expected to help Vivendi Games to expand the publisher’s worldwide presence. The purchase of the Chinese company is still subject to the country’s governmental approval.

Vivendi Games also owns the development companies Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, Radical Entertainment, Massive Entertainment, Swordfish Studios, and High Moon Studios.