Nokia shows off 5-megapixel camera phone

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Nokia shows off 5-megapixel camera phone

Nokia today introduced a new addition the list of N-series phones, their high-end line of multimedia phones. The N95 includes a slate of ambitious features, like GPS functionality, a “2-way slide concept” and a 5-megapixel digital camera.

The design of the phone is similar to other media-driven mobile phones, with its ability to transform from a standard, candy bar style phone to a portable computer of sorts. The inside pad consists of nine number/letter keys and a slate of directional and control buttons to help navigate through menus and control video and music playback.

According to Nokia, what’s unique about the N95’s construction is that it has a “2-way slide”, which means that the phone’s screen can move nearly 360 degrees. Another unusual feature is the 5-megapixel built-in digital camera. The standard for most mobile phones today is 1.3 megapixels. The N95’s camera can also record high-quality sound and video, Nokia said.

GPS functionality is also included, with support for 3D graphics as well as for sophisticated mapping and traveling software that are compatible with the Symbian mobile operating system.

The phone has a microSD memory card slot along with a mini USB port. According to Nokia, it also has “support for high-speed mobile networks.”

The N95, which Nokia refers to as a “multimedia computer”, is aimed at being the only portable device customers will need: “This single device – which fits easily in your pocket – can replace stand-alone devices that you no longer need, whether it’s your music player, your digital camera, PDA or navigation device. Most importantly, the Nokia N95 is with you and connected when you want to use it,” said Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president of the multimedia division of Nokia.