Sirius ships portable Stiletto radio

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Sirius ships portable Stiletto radio

Sirius today announced a new flagship portable radio that promises subscribers to listen to live satellite radio from anywhere. The S50 tuner, Sirius’ other portable radio, lets subscribers play back recorded content on the go as well, but requires them to hook the radio to a car or home dock to actually receive live programming.

Another unique feature of the Stiletto 100 is Wi-Fi compatibility, which offers an alternative way to connect to Sirius’s Internet radio services and enables users to transfer MP3 and WMA files to the radio for on-demand playback.

A mobile version of Yahoo’s Music Jukebox software is included in the Stiletto and while music cannot be purchased directly from the portable radio, it allows for easy transfer of the music in the user’s Yahoo! Music Jukebox account, as long as the device is linke dto a PC, Sirius said.

Users can also record live programming from Sirius, with up to 100 hours worth of space available in the radio. The device includes a TiVo-like service that automatically records up to an hour of any given station so that users can pause and rewind live programming.

The Sirius Stiletto 100 is available now and has an MSRP of $350.