Charter rolls out 10 Mb/s cable Internet service

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Charter rolls out 10 Mb/s cable Internet service

Cable Internet service is usually fast, but apparently not fast enough for Charter Communications: The company is rolling out a 10 Mb/s (downlink, 1 Mb/s up) service. Charter partners with F-Secure to provide anti-virus, anti-spyware and root-kit detection services. Customers will also receive personal firewall software.

Charter says the service is ready in 15 to 20 of its markets and the rollout will complete in the fall. The company has around 2.4 million customers and offers 3 to 5 Mbps service for all 20 of its areas. The higher speeds should help online music fans and gamers. According to Charter, more than 35% of online households play online games and 25% download music.

Current Charter customers, who have 3 Mbps service or higher, will receive the new security suite for free.

Charter typically offers high-speed cable access for an introductory price of $20 for several months. Afterwards, the price rises substantially and fluctuates depending on the area.