Tivo enters HD age with Series 3 DVR

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Tivo enters HD age with Series 3 DVR

TiVo today announced details and availability of latest set top box. The Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is the first TiVo recorder to capture and present video in high definition from your cable connection, and according to the company, the world’s only digital media recorder with THX certification.

The new TiVo will allow subscribers to record over-the-air high definition programming as well as HD content on digital cable. The hard drive will allow for up to 32 hours of HD programming, or as much as 300 hours in standard definition. The exact size of the hard drive was not provided; HD supportof the new device is limited to 1080i and 720p formats.

Additionally, the Series3 recorder is THX certified and promises to be ready for future expansions. TiVo says the new box will be able to download new firmware and software updates that are “more advanced” than the software updates that have been provided on the current Series 2 models.

Tivo Series 3

Tivo requires a monthly subscription. However, for customers who purchased a lifetime subscription on their current DVR, the service can be transferred to a Series 3 recorder for a one-time fee of $195.

The Tivo box integrates an OLED display on the front panel which displays information about the show that’s currently being recorded. It is equipped with a dual tuner, so subscribers can record two shows at once, either in HD or SD. Available ports include Ethernet, 2 USB interfaces, HDMI out and two cable-card slots. Exclusive features, including an E-SATA porst , are promised in the future, though right now Series 3 recorders have a fairly identical list of recording options to those of Series 2 – such as like season passes, “Kid Zone”, and online scheduling.

The Series3 Tivo is priced at $800 and available now at