Culver City starts filtering Wi-Fi access

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Culver City starts filtering Wi-Fi access

Some web surfers on Culver City’s free wireless network won’t be able to access some content anymore. The Southern California city has installed network filters to prohibit pornographic and peer-to-peer traffic. City officials ordered filtering the content after they noticed some users are downloading pornographic content.

Culver City is a small incorporated city on Los Angeles’ southwestern edge. It is home to 40,000 residents, major movie studios, including Sony Entertainment and our new offices. The free wireless network spans about one square mile in the downtown business district, which includes some Sony buildings.

John Richo, Director of Information Technology for the city of Culver City, said that bandwidth was being consumed by pornographic site access and that the activity, “is clearly not something tax dollars should be paying for.” He adds that the content, “defeats the purpose” of such a hotspot.

The city is using the Audible Magic CopySense Network Appliance to filter the content. Audible officials say the appliance will not block any legitimate P2P traffic.