Marvell announces first WLAN/Bluetooth chip for portable devices

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Marvell announces first WLAN/Bluetooth chip for portable devices

Santa Clara (CA) – Marvell today said that it has developed the words first chip that combines WLAN and Bluetooth functionality in one die.

The new device with the name “88W8688” is designed for use in cellphones, media players, portable gaming consoles, smartphones, UMPCs and PDAs and could enable manufacturers to shrink form factors and increase the feature set of existing products. According to Marvell, the new 90 nm chip has a footprint of less than 80 mm2, which is about half the size of current two-chip Bluetooth/WLAN solutions.

The 88W8688 supports the Bluetooth 2.0 EDR standard and integrates Marvell’s standard 802.11a/b/g technology. The firm said that the chip has a “multi-protocol security engine includes hardware acceleration for UMA, IMS, and other network access methods” and brings full Layer 3 networking support for TCP/IP + UDP.

The 88W8688 is currently shipping in sample quantities to Marvell’s “tier one” OEM partners. The company did not provide information about product segments that may offer the chip first.