Second Hand Smoke: PC Magazine’s Sad Decline

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Second Hand Smoke: PC Magazine's Sad Decline

PC Magazine is one of those great publications that made millions of people comfortable with computers. The magazine introduced people to what once was a geeky topic for a few and eventually became a mass market phenomenon in a short period of time. Not too long ago, PC Magazine was one of the great powers with substantial influence in the IT market – a publication that not only spotted but determined trends and the fate of businesses. The Internet has changed the game and PC Magazine struggles to hold on to its past.

Omid Rahmat’s latest Second Hand Smoke reflects on this scenario. From the post: “I have been mulling this release from Ziff Davis since it hit the press. Other than the fact that most people in tech publishing know that Ziff Davis is in a hole from which only an act of great faith, coupled with extraordinary deep pockets, can pull them out, it’s sad to think that PC Magazine, the company’s flagship publication, has become the irrelevant mess it is.”

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