Six AMD dual-cores now at or below Intel price/performance curve

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Six AMD dual-cores now at or below Intel price/performance curve

Los Angeles (CA) – An unexpected halt to Pentium D price declines, followed by a slight bump, helped two more AMD dual-core processors join four of their peers today at positions at or below the price/performance curve TG Daily projects for Intel dual-core processors, based on new data from PriceGrabber and Froogle.

The premium Athlon FX-62 and the unofficially discontinued FX-60 remain above the curve, but Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and 4800+ showed steep declines since yesterday. Prices customers actually paid for the 5000+, according to PriceGrabber, fell by a colossal $96 or 20.5% to $373, while prices for the unofficially discontinued 4800+ fell by an amazing $128 on average (26.8%) in one day’s time, to $350. The two models would only need prices of $391.28 and $332.07, respectively, to fall within our projected Intel curve, after updating it with today’s numbers.

The other four AMD models snugly fitting the curve are the Athlon 64 X2 4600+, 4400+, 4200+, and 3800+. The 4400+ was also unofficially discontinued, but its current price continues a steady decline today to $243.

Prices for Pentium D 900 series models rose a tick from yesterday, up $15 to $344. And the steepest gains were seen among the 800 series, including the Pentium D 840, whose average street prices rose $28 yesterday to $416. Average prices offered for Core 2 Duo processors rose as much as 5% since yesterday, according to Froogle; while PriceGrabber shows customers paid just $22 more for a Core 2 Extreme than they did yesterday, with prices there at $1,173.