Paris Hilton, plastic surgeons and Playboy Playmates on Itunes

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Paris Hilton, plastic surgeons and Playboy Playmates on Itunes

E! Entertainment has signed a deal with Apple to bring several television shows with pretty women and plastic surgery to Itunes. Weekly episodes of The Girls Next Door, The Soup, Dr. 90210 and The Simple Life will be available for download the day after the broadcast. Past season episodes of the shows will also be available for immediate download.

You want a closer look at the rich and famous? Then you may want to download episodes of The Girls Next Door and the Simple Life. The Girls Next Door, which is in its second season, takes viewers into the high society lifestyle of Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends Holly, Bridget and Kendra. Paris Hilton fans will want to watch her and Nicole Ritchie mix it up in the Simple Life.

E! isn’t forgetting about the plastic surgeons who work so hard to keep our movie stars beautiful. In Dr. 90210 viewers will get a peek inside the offices and homes of famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Hopefully we won’t see any operations taking place.

The television shows will be available for $1.99 per episode.