Linksys rolls out two SOHO VPN routers

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Linksys rolls out two SOHO VPN routers

Linksys is rolling out two VPN routers aimed at the consumer/small office user. The RVS4000 and RVL200 are both four-port routers that give VPN security to up to five remote users. The RVS4000 has gigabit speed ports and can support up to 5 IPSec VPN users. The RVL200 has slower 10/100 Ethernet ports and supports VPN with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

The RVS4000 has integrated stateful packet inspection firewall and an intrusion detection and prevention system. Quality of Service (QoS) can be enabled to smooth video and voice over IP traffic.

Both the RVS4000 and RVL200 are now available and sell for $129 and $199, respectively.