Infinium changes name to Phantom Entertainment

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Infinium changes name to Phantom Entertainment

Infinium today announced that it will change its name to Phantom Entertainment. The company made headlines when it announced the “Phantom” game console back in 2004, but since then has been unable to ship and sell such a device. Hit by lawsuits and countless delays, the current strategy of the company is to introduce the Phantom Lapboard, followed by the Phantom Game Service.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it would offer the Lapboard by Q2 of this year; so far, the device has yet to surface. According to Greg Koler, Infinium’s president and CEO, the name change will allow the company to move forward with manufacturing and marketing of the Phantom Lapboard and to continue its efforts to bring the Phantom Game Service to market.” Koler did not provide a specific announcement date for either product.

The Lapboard is designed as a control device for gaming and “business software applications”. It sits on a 30-degree angle the top of a two-level base. Phantom says that it can rotate around its center to accommodate left- and right-handed users. There is very little information available that could provide an indication of the status of the device. Enthusiast sites such as MegaGames recently reported that the Lapboard will be manufactured by Chicony in Taiwan.