"Nothing off the table" – Intel on job cuts

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"Nothing off the table" - Intel on job cuts

Last week Intel announced that it would lay off 1,000 managers, but its job cutting may not be over. Donald MacDonald, vice president and general manager, told Ben Ames of IDG that the company is looking to cut some more redundant positions and added that, “Nothing is off the table.”

In many large corporations, teams like IT and sales are duplicated across departments. MacDonald indicated that Intel may trim some of these positions and he gave one example that could worry some of his employees. “Look at our messaging team; we don’t launch a new product every day, so why do we need a messaging team in every department,” he told Ames.

Intel is hoping to boost profits by slashing costs and inventory. Growth in PC sales is slowing and Intel predicts annual profits will be $9.3 billion, which is significantly lower than the $12.1 billion earned in 2005. The cuts announced last week are in full motion and MacDonald said he already has layed off some people.