EverQuest players get a new race in the Serpent’s Spine Expansion pack

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EverQuest players get a new race in the Serpent's Spine Expansion pack

EverQuest, the popular online fantasy role-playing game, is getting a new expansion pack. Sony Online Entertainment has announced “The Serpent’s Spine” expansion for EverQuest which includes the first new race in three years. EverQuest fans will be able to play the Drakkin which are a curious blend of human and dragon. A new starting city, Crescent Ranch, will be included along with new higher level content.

In this seventh expansion pack for Everquest, players will start off in the formerly abandoned ogre city of Crescent Reach. The city is located in the ravine of Serpent Spine Mountains and Sony says players can advance their characters all the way to level 75 without leaving the area.

The Serpent’s Spine expansion will be available for download in September for $29.99. The original Everquest game is required.