HD DVD gets a $150 million marketing boost

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HD DVD gets a $150 million marketing boost

Las Vegas (NV) – Promoters of the HD DVD format are stepping up the battle against Blu-ray: A newly formed “North American HD DVD Promotional Group” announced that it will be launching a hefty marketing and advertising campaign to convince US consumers that HD DVD is “The Look and Sound of Perfect.”

If you are planning to upgrade your home theater with some high-definition components, including an HD DVD or Blu-ray player, prepare to get covered with advertising. The “North American HD DVD Promotional Group,” founded by the first row of the HD DVD proponent group – including lead developer Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Microsoft as well as the home entertainment divisions of Universal, Warner and Paramount – will pour $150 million into advertising and promotion in an effort to provide HD DVD some added visibility during the 2006 Holiday season and the following year.

The campaign is titled “The Look and Sound of Perfect,” carefully avoiding a comparison with the rival format. The phrase will be published in television, print, online, as well as outdoor media and will be placed along HD DVD shelves that will carry “hundreds of HD DVD titles by year-end 2006,” the group promises. There is also a campaign called the “HD DVD Mobile Experience” – which features a semi truck touring the country and showing off HD DVD devices.