Alienware introduces three new Core Duo notebooks

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Alienware introduces three new Core Duo notebooks

Alienware has rolled out three new notebooks, with screen sizes from 14.1 inches to 17 inches, based on the Intel Core Duo processor. The Area-51 m5750 and the Area-51 m5550 have high-powered ATI and Nvidia graphics along with a 17 and 15.4 inch screen, respecitively. The Sentia m3450 has less powerful graphics, but is designed to be lighter and more portable.

The Area-51 m5750 can have either an ATI Mobility Radeon 256 MB X1800 or a 128 MB X1400 graphics chip. The 17″ screen can display either 1920 by 1200 or 1440 by 900 pixels. The Area-51 m5550 is slightly smaller with a 15.4″ screen that can also display 1920 by 1200 or 1280 by 800 pixels. The m5550 can be configured with either an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 or an Nvidia GeForce Go 7600.

The Sentia m3450 uses an integrated Intel Media Accelerator 950 graphics chip and weighs around 5.5 lbs while being less than an inch thick. It has a 14.1″ screen that can display 1280 by 768 pixels. A webcam is integrated into the panel.

Prices for the Sentia m3450 start at $1099. The m5550 and the 5750 start at $1,399 and $1,499 respectively.