New Ethernet switches enable 100 Mb cable broadband

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New Ethernet switches enable 100 Mb cable broadband

Narad introduced a series of broadband access Ethernet switches that promise to deliver 100 Mb/s bandwidth to every customer on a cable operator’s network. According to the manufacturer, the new “new modular Ethernet switch can be deployed in a variety of configurations for various commercial and residential applications” – for example, in a residential broadband environment, the switch can be deployed in a fiber-to-the-curb architecture.

Narad said that its switches are placed at existing coax cable tap locations along what is now HFC trunk. Ethernet from fiber and existing video, voice, data from coax are fed into the modular tap switch. Narad modems inside the switch convert fiber-fed Ethernet into a modulated carrier at frequencies above existing cable services, from where the cable broadband service is provided to a home.

There was no information available, if and which ISPs may be considering the Narad’s technology for commercial deployment.