Flybook VM Is An Airline Friendly Notebook

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Flybook VM Is An Airline Friendly Notebook

If you’ve ever tried to use your notebook on an aircraft, particularly in economy class, you will be quick to notice the disadvantages of airline travel and mobile computing. Some maintain that widescreen computers are better than normal ones when the chap in front pushes his seat back, but the best solution may be the new Flybook VM.

Using Intel’s Montevallo 12″ concept for airline computing the VM is on a unique hinge, which allows the 12.1″ screen to be pushed in most directions you could possibly want, providing what Flybook demonstrated with their booth-airline seats to be a quite flexible system.

It comes with an Intel Core Duo Low Voltage 1.66 GHz processor, is based on the 945GM chipset, 512 MB to 2 GB of RAM, a 1.8″ 60 GB UltraATA hard drive and built-in WiFi – plus a finger print scanner. At the moment, the FM is going to ship with Windows XP, but Flybook tells us that it is definitely Vista ready. Well, we’ll see.

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