It’s U2 2.0 for Apple’s fifth-generation iPod

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It's U2 2.0 for Apple's fifth-generation iPod

Cupertino (CA) – When Apple produces anything in a “limited” or “special edition” it takes those term very literally – there are very few limited edition components in the history of Apple. Today, perhaps the company’s most popular “SE” component gets an upgrade, as the 30 GB video iPod has just been made available in a “U2 Special Edition,” featuring a jet black case with a radical red click wheel.

See the U2 iPod slide show here …

Essentially, it’s the same 30 GB iPod that customers have come to know and love, holding up to 7,500 average-length songs (though the band U2 has yet to publish that many). But this year’s edition features engraved replica signatures from Bono, The Edge, and the other members of U2, plus 30 minutes of free U2 videos downloadable from iTunes.

U2’s official Web site this morning quotes from Apple, which itself quotes from U2, in describing the upgraded SE model as “Even Better than the Real Thing.” The unit is available now for $329 from Apple’s Web site. The previous U2 Special Edition, announced in October 2004, featured the 20 GB iPod, without video, for $350.