The 10 most over-used words and phrases from E3 2006

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The 10 most over-used words and phrases from E3 2006

Drumroll, please. As E3 2006 wraps up today after a long and eventful week, the editors of TG Daily, TwitchGuru and Toms Hardware decided it was time to to list the most overused words and phrases from the show this year.

10. “Next Generation”
Yeah, we get it. But Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 are finally here, so let’s dump this one now and bring it back in four or five years.

9. “In development”
Just say “nowhere close to being finished.”

8. “Adrenaline-pumping”
It’s better than “action-packed,” but not by much.

7. “No photography, please”
Game trailers are for your eyes only, apparently, and not the camera lenses.

6. “Triple A titles”
Let’s reserve “triple A” to either baseball talk or when you’re in need of a tow truck.

5. “Best of class”
Best of blah!

4. “Motion-sensor”
Between the Wii and PS3 controllers, we’ve just heard this term way too much.

3. “It’s all about the hardware”
Actually, we thought it was all about the software?

2. “It’s all about the software”
Wait, now we’re confused?!

1. “Paris Hilton”
We’re not even sure where to begin with this one. Check back for a treat on Monday.

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