JBL rolls out sylish speaker system for Apple’s Ipod

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JBL rolls out sylish speaker system for Apple's Ipod

If you are among those who were terribly disappointed by Apple’s rather clunky Ipod speaker system “Hi-Fi,” the here’s your chance to add a stylish loudspeaker dock to your portable music player. JBL announced the “Radial” speaker, which the company describes as “drop-dead gorgeous.”

It wasn’t that difficult to create a more appealing speaker design than Apple, but JBL certainly has built a more friendly and futuristic system that may fit into the layout of more living rooms than the Hi-Fi. Radial offers just 60 watts of power, but JBL promises buyers strong high- and mid-frequency sound and ample deep and distortion-free bass – something the Ipod clearly lacks. The device can also be connected to a computer or TV to view picture stored on the music player – or sync the device with iTunes.

JBL said it will be shipping the Radial in June. The speaker will be priced around $300. Apple charges $350 for the Hi-Fi, which, however, can be operated with batteries.