Ubisoft announces new FPS: Haze

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Ubisoft announces new FPS: Haze

Ubisoft has revealed details of a new first-person shooter franchise from the developers of TimeSplitters, entitled Haze.

The game, which will be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in “early” 2007, carries the usual “25 years in the future, you have to shoot stuff” storyline and, more importantly, a brand new graphics engine which Ubisoft tells us has been built from the ground up by the developers at Free Radical. Whatever it’s made of, it looks very detailed from what we’ve seen of the game in its PlayStation 3 iteration.

The game begins in South America, and will feature vehicular as well as foot slogging action across a variety of terrains, indoor and out. The developers are also promising co-op multiplayer, so we can take advantage of the soon to be ubiquitous console connectivity to play the game through with friends.

“We are really pleased to be introducing this ground-breaking new intellectual property and to work with the best shooter developers on consoles,” said John Parkes, director of marketing at Ubisoft EMEA. “With HAZE, Ubisoft demonstrates its profound commitment to the next-generation of video games and will definitely have a chance to deliver a top notch shooter in one stunning package.” Thank you for telling us profoundly deep and meaningful things about the game. I’ll be over there drooling on a booth babe if you need me. For those of you at home, please enjoy the surrounding screenshots.

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