TrustELI intros easy to use VPN appliance

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TrustELI intros easy to use VPN appliance

Setting up virtual private networks (VPN) usually is an expensive and time-consuming affair. TrustELI says that its new VPN appliance simplifies the creation of VPNs.

The small box is called “Eli VPN” and can establish 256-bit strength Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) end-to-end tunnels with a few clicks of the mouse. The secret of this feature lies in the managed backend, which stores each endpoint’s IP address, subnet masks and encryption keys. Connections are created by entering the end point’s six digit user ID.

Susan Lutz, TrustELI’s CEO, told TG Daily that the $250 Eli VPN appliance is targeted at very small to small businesses, but larger enterprises may also have use for the device. “Technically, you could set up 10,000 VPN connections in a day,” says Lutz. The backend manages VPN endpoints by uploading security information to the TrustELI’s database and then converting it into a six digit ID number. That number is all users need to set up a VPN tunnel to another network.

Lutz explained that VPN connections, which traditionally require the special skills of a network administrator, can now be done by the average businessman. “If you were in a hotel with these boxes installed, you don’t need to call down to the front desk, you can do it yourself,” says Lutz. Speaking of hotels, she told us that some hotels already have agreed to start installing Eli VPN boxes in every room.