Drivers blindly follow satellite navigation into a river

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Drivers blindly follow satellite navigation into a river

Many GPS navigation products plainly state that the recommended routes shouldn’t replace common-sense, but some drivers are getting their cars stuck in a river, after blindly following their satellite navigation systems. A recent road closure in the English village of Luckington has caused dozens of drivers to follow a route that goes through a small river. Some village residents are making good money by charging £25 for fishing cars out of the water with their tractors.

The river is usually only two feet deep, but according to a Times Online article, the depth can double after heavy rains. Despite the warning signs that have been posted near the river, a few motorists have been getting towed out everyday since 8 April – when the main road was closed. Some drivers have told residents, “My sat-nav told me it was this way.”

Most people in flood prone areas know it is a very bad idea to drive through running water. The depth of the water may not always be obvious and the underlying surface may be washed out. Flood safety manuals given by the United States and other governments routinely state that two feet of water is enough to wash a car away.

This is the second story in recent weeks about drivers blindly following GPS navigation. Two weeks ago we brought you the story about drivers almost driving off a cliff in another village in England, Crackpot (and yes, that is the real name of that town).