MacBook Pro gets a 17" screen

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MacBook Pro gets a 17" screen

Cupertino (CA) – Apple today rounded out its Intel-processor based MacBook Pro series with a new 17″ screen model. Once again it is pure system performance that Apple hopes will convince users to replace their old G4 17″ PowerBooks: The company claims the MacBook Pro is “up to” five times faster than its predecessor.

Some may wonder if a 17″ notebook still can be called a notebook, but if you need a large screen for your applications on the go, then Apple may have what you are looking for. The firm’s new MacBook Pro comes with an overall improved display that, according to Apple, delivers 67% more brightness and a resolution of 1680×1050 pixels (WSXGA+) – which compares to 1440×900 pixels (WXGA+) in the 15.4″ model.

Compared to the 15.4″ model, the 17″ version of the MacBook Pro offers the customer several standard component upgrades for a $300 premium. Interestingly, these upgrades – a faster dual-core processor (2.16 GHz instead of 2.0 GHz) and a larger hard drive (120 GB instead of 100 GB) – ring up $400 in additional cost for the 15.4″ MacBook. Equipped similarly, the 15.4″ notebook is priced at $2900, while the 17″ variant is listed for $2800.

System performance is the focus of Apple’s marketing of the MacBook Pro. The company claims that the notebook with Core Duo T2600 processor is “up to” five times faster than a G4-based device – at least when running the industry benchmarks SPECint_rate_base2000 (integer calculation) and SPECfp_rate_base2000 (floating point performance).

Other hardware components of the 6.8-pound computer include an ATI X1600 graphics chip with 256 MB of memory, an 8x DVD burner, as well as built-in web camera and a Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR adapter. Compared to the 15.4″ model, which offers one Firewire 400 and two USB ports, the 17″ model’s larger case provided Apple enough space to include three USB ports as well as one Firewire 400 and one Firewire 800 port.